There is a possibility that your house is full of elegant flora if you love houseplants as much as your pet. For people who like to grow plants in their house, you should know that there are a couple of hues that work well when combined with the natural color of plants. 

So, before you search for “painting contractors near me”, here are a couple of ideal colors to accent your houseplants.  

Navy Blue 

This color is particularly calming. If it weren’t for the plants’ liveliness that you have scattered across your house, this color will be considered cold. You should go with this paint color for a bold, high-class, and clean look. Navy blue is especially elegant in modern-style houses and it can work well combined with your plants, as well as your furnishings and furniture. You’ve got to be careful that navy blue can make a couple of spaces look smaller since it has a dark tone. Thus, you’ve got to utilize this heavy blue as an accent color or in bigger rooms with a lot of light.  


Seafoam works great with houseplants. It copies the plant’s liveliness. This gives your houseplants a seafoam backdrop that will offer character to the room. This makes your room feel exciting, vibrant, and lively without feeling chaotic or overwhelming. Think about putting plants near the surfaces of your walls that are painted with seafoam. This will help them cast shadows across the day, creating intrigue by drawing the eye naturally between the walls and the plants.  

Espresso Brown 

Espresso brown provides power to the plants inside the room. This serves as a background. But, you are introducing an earth tone into space, unlike white or charcoal. Earth tones have a calming effect. Also, they work great in areas with natural elements. Obviously, this includes plants. Think about choosing this paint color if you’ve got wood cabinets, marble countertops, a stone hearth, wooden floors, and other natural elements. You will certainly like how the color brown helps to express the plant’s liveliness while blending with your house’s natural theme.  


Charcoal can work as a great backdrop. It provides all of the focus to a room’s houseplants. Utilize this paint color in bigger rooms since it has a tendency to make space look smaller. Also, you’ve got to ensure that there’s a lot of light in the room. The reason for this is that darker colors will absorb the rays of the sun that would otherwise scatter through space. If you would like, think about this paint color as an accent wall color.  


This paint color has a tendency to work well with any combination of colors. Also, it has an excellent appeal in areas with a lot of plants and lighting. light grey, off-white, and white walls open up a room. this provides a look that seems more spacious. Your space will have a cleaner and breathable appeal with white walls. You will certainly likely the airy appearance of the room.